Language Standards In Media

I buy a LOT of books - paper and ebooks.  I've noticed that the quality of the writing - at least in the fiction category - is lower in ebooks. Yes, the barrier to entry ("getting published") has changed.  So has the available toolset (e.g. Grammarly) to help self-publishers keep quality up - which, apparently, they ignore.

It leaves me wondering whether reactions to things like spelling and grammar are personal anachronisms. Does it matter if someone mis-spells a word, if you know what they meant?  Is grammatical structure worth the effort?  Does it matter in media?

I really, really wanted to like this video: 

But I couldn't get past this kind of thing:  

0:26 "Typography it's words and sentences".  
2:02 "To the more substancial"

Teeny, tiny things.  Nits in a very nicely-crafted video.  Should I care?

(Yes, the designer is French, but the choice of language was his...) 

Media tools like After Effects and Motion tend to lack things like spelling and grammar checking - it feels like going back to a stick shift.   It's easy to miss typos if you're used to the little red squiggle.  But, geez, if you're going to produce something this cool...