Scheduled Facebook Video Posts

Active social-media activity is key to online attention, and in study after study, video - particularly 'native' video on Facebook - is the best bang for the buck. But posting takes time!

The #1 Fast Forward Stories customer request over the last couple of years has been 'Help me use my videos on Facebook.'  We listened...looked...studied...developed & tested.

The result is FFWD.Video, the scheduled-video-posts tool.

Post Fast Forward Stories Videos

Each Fast Forward Stories subscription - no matter what size - comes with 1 complimentary seat on FFWD.Video. Once your branded videos are set up, you can pre-schedule posts. 

FFWD.Video covers both personal 'wall' posts, and business pages.

If you administer a Facebook business page, you can schedule posts to the page.


Facebook Native Video Support

Facebook has been changing their rules about video rapidly. FFWD.Video is the only post-scheduler we know of that actually uploads video to Facebook - not just a link, the full video file.

That gives subscribers all the advantages of 'native' video - in-line auto-play, more shares & more likes.

Easy Calendar Management

Scheduled posts are accessible in an easy drag-and-drop calendar. Don't want that video to go out on Tuesday? Just drag it to Wednesday. 

Past posts are linked in the calendar for easy review & response management, too.

Ready to start dominating Facebook? If you have a Fast Forward Stories subscription, email '[email protected]' for FFWD.Video access.

If not, jump over to Fast Forward Stories & subscribe.