What We Do For Clients

We create media for marketing, internal communication and litigation. They are designed to make complex ideas clear and memorable.  The deliverables may be video, visuals, presentation decks, PDFs or even paper. 

Designing explanations is a collaborative effort.  We work with clients to make the tough decisions about what's important and essential, and who we're trying to reach.  We make the most of your time, but we need your attention and thought to do the job well. 

Video, Characters, Stories, Visuals and Words

People engage and learn in different ways - visuals, stories and words don't work equally for everyone.  We have deep expertise in balancing these elements so that some aspect of the media works for just about everyone.

Among our "work products":

  • Explanation Architecture.  We take the time to get a deep understanding of your business, markets and audiences, and design a comprehensive 'architecture' to make your services clear and distinct from one another - pictures, words and even story elements that work together and separately.
  • Media Production.  We create as much media in as many forms as you can use - visuals, presentations, video and more.
  • Technology Deployment.  We've got deep tech expertise, covering web, social media and mobile, to help you do something with the media we deliver. 
  • Metrics and Content Updates.  We help you monitor, manage and "spread" your explanations, so the media starts doing the marketing & sales work for you.

We've worked with some clients for years - and also done single projects in weeks.  The more deeply we understand your subjects and business challenges, the more quickly and effectively we can help you. 

Areas Of Expertise

Our fundamental expertise is explanation.

We've applied that successfully to these fields:

  • Technology, including cloud computing, enterprise IT, cryptography, mobility, security and software patents.
  • Business Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, 
  • Intellectual Property, including litigation.
  • Consumer education for healthcare, real estate, insurance and products/services.
  • Government policy
  • Financial Services
  • Consulting
  • Education
  • Science & Medicine

New subject areas are always welcome, please contact us (888-618-9088) to see if we can help.